Independent Retailer Support


Stitch Publications® sells directly to wholesalers or independent retailers only. We do not sell to the general public, buying groups, or fabric co-op's. If you are an independent retailer, and would like to place an order with us directly, please click on the "register wholesale account" link in the Quick Links to the left to give us your information to verify your tax-exempt status. Alternatively, download and fill out the online pdf form below and email it to us.  Once we verify your status, we will set up an account for you (please make sure to include a copy of your tax reseller's certificate via pdf, or email for more information). 

Once you are verified, we will also add your information to our shop finder on the home page.  If you are carry our books and buy them through a wholesale distributor and would like to be added to our shop finder, please email us directly with your information and we will be happy to include your store.


The minimum order amount will be $150 USD to establish a wholesale account and $50 USD per order thereafter.

International Accounts - We now have the ability to sell wholesale to independent shops worldwide.  You may order from us directly or buy through one of the distributors listed on our "wholesaler support" link at the bottom of the page. 


Download pdf form (for offline ordering)
If you cannot access or use our store front, please fill out this form and send to for processing.

Once you have been verified and approved, please visit the "Media Resources and Permissions" link at the bottom of the page to gain access to materials to help you in your marketing.