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While I am in Japan this time, I needed to stop by Yoko Saito's quilt shop and school, Quilt Party, to pick up a number of her original quilts and items for a show that I will be on featuring Stitch Publications and the books that we have published so far (to be aired sometime this year).  Honestly, it never gets old looking at the things she has designed and made.  When I am touching them, I feel like I am getting access to the "not-for-public" archives, such as being to touch the original Declaration of Independence or Shakespeare's original works.

I feel like I should have body guards with me when I transport them with me.  (^_^)  I'll let you all know when the show will air, so you can see them for yourselves.

Meanwhile, I'll be bringing back fabric and notions for our sister retail site, Willow Lane Quilting Company, so those of you want to buy some of these things will have the ability to get them without traveling to Japan yourself.

Chat soon!...



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