Article Archive's chilly in Tokyo this week.  While it rarely snows (or if it does, rarely sticks) in Tokyo, the air can be more than brisk this time of year.  I huddled in my (dare I say "cute") white parka outside the airport while waiting to head off to my hotel.  You know how our senses pick up on smells and colors and other things that remind us of certain things?  Well, I often associate the smell of the air when I get out of an airport with memories of countries I visit...Thailand, India and most of all...Japan.  It says, "you're home!"

I met up with colleagues from my software world and took them out for a bite of Japanese culture. 

You almost always wake up several hours early due to jetlag when you fly East and here I was checking email an hour ago when I get a message from Felicia Brenoe that her blog posting was up.  I met Felicia at Quilt Market in the Fall.  There is very little more gratifying than having fans of what you publish pop by and introduce themselves and she is on the cutting edge of quilt trends with her blog, Felicia's World.  She had reviewed our book, Yoko Saito's Japanese Taupe Color Theory.  Fun, Fun!  Check it out and all her other postings when you have time.



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