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I just got back from a week trip to Japan.  It is always great to be back "home".  It's all I can do to not buy all of my favorite foods and eat my way through the week.  Alas, work called. 

On Tuesday, I stopped by Yoko Saito's quilt shop, Quilt Party.  We were having a meeting about various things.  I also was picking up a number of her original works that I borrowed to display at my booth at Quilt Market next week in Houston.  I just took them out here at home to look them over.  My, oh, my...are they ever amazing.  The workmanship is perfection.  Really...I'll post them here, so you can see the.  All of these projects come from one of the three books that we have/are publishing...

Yoko Saito's Woolwork (already out)

Yoko Saito's Japanese Taupe Color Theory (November)

120 Original Embroidery Designs by Yoko Saito (November)

Enjoy and check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page

flag cushions     orange     turtle pincushion



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