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It was a busy summer with my brother and his family visiting the States from Nepal (where they live) and getting together with family. There I am in the bottom center with my family.

family summer 2013

And now summer is waning and fall is around the corner.

It's not like quilters aren't obsessed year round, but in the fall, I somehow seem to want to review all the projects I am in the middle of, or ones that I want to get to.  Perhaps it is because the cooler weather (or damp weather in Seattle) makes me want to hibernate a little more.

Our latest book, Yoko Saito's Woolwork has been out a couple of weeks.  I've loved this book since I saw it on a business trip to Japan years ago.  How exciting to be able to put it out in English.  I always find it interesting that when I read the books in Japanese, they seem to make sense.  Then I begin to translate them and I realize that for the English-speaking market, maybe they aren't as detailed as they could be to help people make the projects.  I do my best to translate the instructions in a way that is clear, albeit, I sometimes write in the more obvious steps just in case a beginner is working on them.

"Woolwork" was challenging.  I prefer to keep the layout of the original Japanese book as much as possible as that was the vision of the author and designer to begin with, but sometimes it doesn't lend itself to the clearest understanding.

I was heads-down for most of the summer getting two more books to the printer.  The first is "Yoko Saito's Japanese Taupe Color Theory - A Study Guide".  This is a beautiful book full of the theory and instructions on how to put together your own taupe color palettes along with a number of projects.  For anyone who loves the soft, muted look of Japanese taupes, this is a must-have!

The next book is "120 Original Embroidery Designs" also by Yoko Saito.  Beautiful!  We'll be showcasing these at Quilt Market in Houston at the end of next month, so drop by our booth (booth # 1715).

Meanwhile, I am working on handwork from a quilt that is in a book that I will be publishing in 2014...

Floral Bouqet 1     floral bouquet 2     floral bouquet 3



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