About Us


It is our mission at Stitch Publications® to search out compelling stitching-related books from outside of the United States and introduce/sell them in English to the English-speaking quilting, sewing, and craft-related market.  While the vast majority of available titles and designs are written, created and published in the United States, there are thriving stitching-related communities in many countries around the world. More often than not they are unknown to those who live in North America, if not the rest of the world.  Our wish is for all quilters and crafters to be able to explore their passions through the works of other designers beyond the boundaries of the country in which they live, experience and see what other designers are doing.


We are committed to the highest quality English translation of foreign books and designs, while honoring and maintaining the original intent of the authors.  We neither add nor take away designs from the original book, unless under very specific circumstances and necessary for clarity of the local consumer, including permission of the original publisher and/or authors.


The owner, an American and avid lover of all fiber-related crafts, was born and raised overseas.  Traveling the world extensively for her career in software, she would buy many foreign quilting and craft books because of their often-unique approach to both color and design.  Combining her personal passions with her wide-ranging career background that includes education, software (publishing and graphic design) and international business, she established Stitch Publications, an independently owned publishing company, in 2011.